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Here’s a dream for you:
Working 9-5, living in 5-9

Some dreams accompany us since childhood, and some we’ve picked up along the way. Some we’ve already fulfilled, and some are still waiting patiently. And if we can live the dream, and still continue to dream, what can be more perfect than that? Ahimeir 5-9 invites you to live the dream and enjoy a next-level living experience, stylishly designed apartments built to a high standard, a wonderful community, and peace and quiet at the heart of the beloved Ramat Aviv Gimel neighborhood.

Ahimeir’s Vision

In the most coveted neighborhood in the city, in the most coveted area in the neighborhood, the spectacular Ahimeir 5-9 project offers the quality of life you have always dreamed of. The residential compound, with two magnificent 17-floor towers, was meticulously designed with the greatest attention to its residents’ urban experience, down to the smallest details. From the choice of trees and vegetation in the community garden, to the addition of a reading room and a treehouse in the building’s garden. The high building standard we have set for ourself and the constant strive towards excellence are what makes Ahimeir 5-9 a dream come true. The project includes 165 apartments and a variety of 2, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments and penthouses.

Urban Nature

The magic of Ahimeir 5-9 lies in the sophisticated combination of nature and city. The entire compound is a green lung of natural, rich, and vibrant spaces within the urban space. The project’s towers stand as islands within the garden, which is comprised of three different systems of vegetation that characterize natural Israeli environment. Within the garden you can find trees characteristic of Tel Aviv, a variety of herbs, and sprawling lawns, which afford relaxing and enjoyable sitting areas.

Timeless Architecture

Yashar Architects – Led by Avner Yashar, have taken upon themselves to bring the human experience in this project to the highest level, while combining aesthetic and practical aspects. They have chosen to fulfill their vision through geometric, clean, and celestial architecture, impressive in its beauty yet still functional. The towers are characterized by white elements that correspond with the White City and Tel Aviv’s Unique style. Among all the white that envelopes the towers, the window openings are situated in vertical stripes that separate the building’s wings in a symmetric and pleasant manner. The towers cover a large area and allow to enjoy the amazing view and the breeze from the sea. The project’s location next to Alfred Bir Garden on the west allows residents to enjoy rich vegetation and playgrounds for kids. All of these make for a perfect stay and living experience.

Dream Location

Ahimeir 5-9 is situated in an ideal location, which provides its residents with the perfect envelope of education, culture, leisure and peaceful quality of life. Right nearby is the Schuster Center, a family-friendly shopping and entertainment compound, with many restaurants, cafés, boutique stores, and more. Shopping lovers can also visit the upscale Ramat Aviv Mall. Also nearby are several kindergartens, Ramat Aviv Gimel Elementary School, a scout youth movement chapter, and even a community center with various activities for all ages. Just a few minutes away is the neighborhood’s main country club, with a pool, tennis center, and many more classes and sports activities for the entire family. Also close are the Natural History Museum, Tel Aviv University, and Tel Baruch Beach which is about 2 kilometers away. The project is highly accessible thanks to its proximity to main thoroughfares – Namir Road and Ayalon Highway. The Tel Aviv Light Rail’s green line passes nearby, there are bus stops that connect the neighborhood to all of Tel Aviv, as well as convenient bicycle lanes.

Floor Plans

Building A
Building B

Acro Real Estate is a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The company specializes in the construction and improvement of large-scale projects in high-demand areas. Acro Real Estate has many years of experience developing and completing a wide array of prestigious projects, including residences, offices, commercial buildings, and hotels. The company is led by a professional, driven team who have brought the company success over the years.
Acro Real Estate leads a variety of impressively sized, prominent property ventures that are changing the face of the city and establishing themselves as magnificent architectural landmarks. Acro Real Estate continues to establish its position at the top of the real estate field, while maintaining uncompromising quality and the highest professional standards of planning and execution in each and every project.

Founded in 2011, Bait Vegag is an urban renewal pioneer in Israel. Since its conception, it has successfully led urban renewal projects in central Israel’s areas of high demand, and its work has set the standard in developing, planning, marketing, and executing urban renewal projects.
The company, which had its IPO in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2022, excels in identifying residential projects in central Israel’s and Tel Aviv’s areas of high demand, in designing innovative and creative projects, in steadfast and highly-available customer relations management, and in uncompromising execution. Bait Vegag’s excellence, creativity, and managerial and financial robustness, have brought the company many dozens of projects in the Gush Dan, Sharon and Shephelah areas, amounting to thousands of new apartments.
We know that each and every building we come to houses a community comprised of people, friends, and family. That is why in each new project we make sure to offer the community a new and promising horizon, that is reflected in the home, the building, and its surroundings. Bait Vegag, feel right at home.

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